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Bitcoin Mining / December 8, 2016

Bitcoin ASIC Hosting is ready for winter with a fire sale at $60/kw with capacity available starting in November with a 6-month prepaid commitment. With over three years of cryptocurrency focused datacenter experience, we at Bitcoin ASIC Hosting have optimized our cooling and power distribution methods to offer the premiere datacenter experience at a fraction of traditional costs. We understand the importance of your investment and treat all miners in our datacenter as if they were our own. Located in Central Washington, Bitcoin ASIC Hosting takes advantage of hydroelectric power, lowering our carbon footprint, proving that technology and nature can grow in harmony.
The amenities you will enjoy at our datacenter for this price are:
+Live Monitoring
+Fully insured against theft and Acts of God
+24/7 dedicated cooling
+Hard resets/pool changes/miner settings adjustments
+State of the art power distribution, racking and cooling
+The world’s fastest Internet
+Support from the most experienced Bitcoin mining techs across all platforms.
For general inquiries please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our website at For specific questions about enterprise mining or an existing mine you are looking to host immediately I can be reached directly at . Read more...