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Bitcoin Wallet / October 6, 2018

Bitcoin prime currently catalogs more than two dozen wallets, including cloud-based, local and portable. They are listed here:

The top menu separates wallets into four broad categories (with some wallets covering multiple platforms): • Mobile, • Desktop, • Hardware, • Web — PC and smartphone classes are broken down by OS: Windows/Mac/Linux, or Android/IOS/Windows Phone/Blackberry

The site does not specifically review each wallet, but when you roll over the product logos, a grid appears that ticks off five useful features and security protocols. For example, some online exchange wallets allow you to own and control your own private keys. Some portable wallets plan to support multi-sig or contract/SKU itemization.

1. I typically invest and spend from my Coinbase cloud wallet. Most of my bitcoins are swept offline into the vault (separated by air gap).

2. My favorite portable wallet is Bitcoin Wallet by Andreas Schildbach for these reasons:

a) It supports all five listed features. Most others do not:
• Control over your money, • Simplified validation
• Basic transparency, • Secure environment, • Basic privacy

b) It is drop-dead simple: Send money or receive money. It has instant exchange quotes and instant calculation based on any world currency. Creating a new wallet is just as easy.