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Bitcoin Wallet / May 6, 2018

Paper wallets are a great way to hold bitcoin for certain use cases. When using one of our BTMs, for example, you can buy bitcoin in the form of a paper wallet.
However, paper wallets can receive bitcoin but not send. It's also not a good idea to use paper wallets for long-term storage.

This is why we’ve built a tool to move bitcoin from paper wallets to any digital wallet on any device. The tool sweeps a paper wallet's private key. Remember, never share your bitcoin wallet's private key. We've released the open source code for those who are interested.

To use the mobile wallet tool, you'll need either Breadwallet for iOS or Copay for Android. We've created detailed instructions on how to move bitcoin from the paper wallet:

Don't want to use the Breadwallet or Copay mobile wallet? You can send bitcoin from a paper wallet to any digital wallet with this tool. All you need is the bitcoin address from your digital wallet.