Cloud Mining - How to Mine Bitcoin without a Miner

How to earn bitcoins Without mining?

Bitcoin Mining / March 14, 2019

Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency is great but you get nothing for keeping your coins in the wallet, theres no Proof of Stake, no bank deposits with %. Yet there is many ways to make your bitcoin earn new bitcoins. All of those methods have been tested by me for pretty long time and are valid upon this day.

Bitcoin p2p Loands or BTC Loans
You browse listnings and loads of people put microloans on choosen products. This way risk is spread among many users and everybody is just a part of each loan. Then you get interest on it.
There is two main sites that have been paying since long time:
BTCJam – my main spot for investments. I had there over 200% success at some point. By using this link you will get some bouns after 1st investment.
Bitlending Club – currently said to be most popular lending site. Havent used it much but is fairly cool to use.
Wheres the catch? Theres alot of scammers on the sites, so many loans are not paod back. Think before investing always!

Bitcoin Dice Sites
As usual money can be doubled in casinos. I will share with you two different ones – and one of them will be even “free money”.
PrimeDice Bitcoin Gambling – one of oldest dices that pays out well and cares of their customers. Usual hi-lo game with % changes.
Free – faucet that allows you yo bet earnt money. Pays since over a year. Currently also has lottery option. Must use for everybody that likes free bitcoin and money giveaway 😉

Ok so to show you this sites are not pure betting, here is an method to make money from them. This method works most times if you use math right [ie not overbet] but just see on the video.
Sorry for bad audio, ive recorded it some time ago and didnt check…

Bitcoin Casinos
Not much to say here, pure gambling on many games. Works a charm often.. Often not 😉Bitcasino is my favorite. They have many games and many ways of making money.

Trading BTC NBT pair
Ok this is tricky. NBT aka Nubits have price of 1 usd per coin. They stick to this price by using bots on exchanges. This means if value of BTC drops you change it into NBT, if it raises you trade it back. This way even when BTC is loosing on price, you can still keep its value. My fav exchange for this coins is CCEDK

Investing into Cloud Mining
Do not do that. Yes this method used to work, but currently 99% of this sites ended as ponzi scams and real ones like CEX closed up. If you are running one site that really works – let me know. I will test you up. I have done such post long ago here.

Buying some other cryptocurrencies
If you feel strong about crypto, parts of your BTC you should allocate into other old and stabile coins.
While theres 100s of them buying into LTC Litecoin, DOGE Dogecoin, PPC Peercoin should be a good long term idea. You can buy them with Bitcoin ie on Cryptsy – one of the oldest altcoin exchanges.

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