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Bitcoin mining modules

Bitcoin Mining / February 1, 2019

Bitcoin mining is getting more and more competitive and obviously development of mining equipment gains in importance. Companies that produce mining equipment are striving to ensure that their customers have the most advanced technologies at their service, therefore they invest largely in its development. UFO Miners boasts their experience in this pursuit of innovations.

Introducing highly efficient mining modules

In the beginning of 2014, UFO Miners started developing equipment for mining script cryptocurrencies. Shortly thereafter, the company began developing its second generation of miners which were available for a wider range of customers. In two years time, the Las Vegas-based company has introduced eight mining machines to meet the specific needs of today’s mining community.

Ruben Vos, UFO Miners Media Coordinator says:

“Our team of experts worked for over two years in order to offer the high-powered and cost-effective mining modules. Based on characteristics of the equipment we believe there will be a high impact on the entire cryptocurrency market, and we hope it to be a positive one.”

UFO Miners produce all of their components independently of third parties, keeping an eye on new methods and technologies to increase performance and decrease costs. Some modules are produced at the partner manufacturing facilities in Asia.

Vos believes that the equipment will bring more people into the mining industry.

The furious eight

At the moment, the company delivers the following miners.

The MesaMiner offers the complete stability of operation with an increased performance at 19 TH/s. This 4U Rack Mount miner is produced deploying 20nm ASIC chips and cutting-edge engineering designs. MesaMiner has a built-in controller and is shipped with a pre-installed operating system and software making it easy to maintain.

The NekrosMiner is the most powerful and efficient SHA-256 miner to this day. Ultrafast 85TH/s Bitcoin miners are supplied in a convenient 4U Rackmount case, with PSU, control unit, cables and pre-installed operating system and software.

The LiteCoin Oberon Miner 1.2 GH/s, which can also be used for other cryptocurrencies with Scrypt-based mining algorithms. To reach a completely new level of creating miners for Litecoins, Dogecoins, etc, UFOMiners used the Scrypt algorithm. Miner is shipped with a built-in controller and a pre-installed software.

The LiteСoin Oberon Miner Prime 2.2 GH/s is an extended version of one of the most expected devices on cryptocurrencies mining market - the Oberon Miner that can be used for mining of other cryptocurrencies with Scrypt-based mining algorithms.

The Ethereum RhinoMiner 600MH/s, Ethereum RhinoMiner Prime 1.4GH/s, ZCash Equinox 900H/s, ZCash Equinox Prime 2.2KH/s, all feature 1xHDMI ports to connect a monitor, 2xUSB ports for mouse and keyboard connection, and 2xLAN Ethernet for connecting a network in cascade mode.

All hardware goes through rigorous testing to ensure protection against any defects, and after purchase, the customer gets a 24/7 technical support.

Who are UFOMiners?

UFOMiners was founded in 2014 by Mark Seniom. It is a rapidly growing team of specialists who are extremely passionate about what they do. Focusing on three main areas, namely developing crypto hardware, creating Blockchain-based technologies and delivering remote access services, the company sets out to make high-tech cryptocurrency mining available to a wide range of clients and offer them innovative solutions for making a profit.