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Bitcoin Mining / July 9, 2014

A premier Photo Book about bitcoin miners and their journey to find the best mining pool.

Shipping to customers the second week of December. Order now to get it before Christmas.

Mining Pools is part of a series of photo books personifying bitcoin technology and lore. In this book, follow bitcoin miners in their quest for the best block reward in different pools.

Will the miners discover that joining a big pool is the most rewarding? Coupled with their Minted Seats, they will bind the block reward to addresses they control, as long as the pool's variance isn't too high!


  • Printed on high quality thick photo paper
  • 13in x 11in (33cm x 28cm) dimensions for the most detail
  • Features five beautiful and exotic models as the miners
  • A portion of the proceeds will go to bitcoin causes
A portion of the proceeds will go to bitcoin causes

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