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Bitcoin mining Linux distro

Bitcoin Mining / May 17, 2017



  • Boots and mines: IP assignment via DHCP, watchdog cron makes sure that miner works.
  • DAG file management: SSD won't run out of space.
  • Remote pool management possible: just reboot to get new config.
  • Hostname defined by your mac address: ideal for multiple rigs.

Limitations of Scope

The below are common requests from small-scale miners. ethOS is meant for large-scale deployment.

The following will never be possible on ethOS:

  • NVIDIA mining (ethOS is AMD only).
  • wireless networking (wireless networking causes packet loss, especially in large deployments).
  • browser-based/GUI-based management (all required management is done through ssh and local scripts).
  • support for other algorithms.


  • At least 16gb SSD (not USB stick).
  • 64-bit system.

How to Get

  • ethOS is released pre-loaded on a 16gb SSD.
  • gpuShack accepts major Credit Cards, PayPal, Amazon Payments, and Bitcoin.
  • ethOS is scheduled to ship February 15th, but may ship earlier, depending on total order quantity.


ethOS is released under the "Small Goat with Red Eyes" license. You should buy one SSD from, per each rig on which you intend to run ethOS. If you don't, a small goat with red eyes will visit you while you sleep.