PayPal Owned-Braintree Adds One Touch Payments And A Bitcoin

Bitcoin processor

Bitcoin Exchanges / February 17, 2022

Accept bitcoin payments through your ecommerce store and capture an emerging market of new customers who are looking for places to spend their bitcoins.

Low fees

Unlike processing credit cards, bitcoin payments have low to no fees, allowing you to pass those savings on to your customers and gain a competitive advantage.

No chargebacks

All bitcoin transactions are protected by the bitcoin network, meaning you can accept payments from anywhere in the world without worrying about fraud or chargebacks.

POS applications

Easily setup a bitcoin payment processor in your physical retail store using a tablet, POS device or mobile app.

Fast payments internationally

In just 10 minutes, bitcoins can be transferred from one side of the globe to the other without limits, delays or high fees.

No PCI compliance required

Making the decision to offer bitcoin for ecommerce means all you need to do is secure your wallet and payment requests – no extensive security checks, extra costs or PCI compliance regulations.