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Using blockchain as a database

Uses For The Blockchain / October 1, 2017

I'm pretty new to the concept of blockchain and use cases so please bear with me if this sounds to vague or elementary. As, I researched more on this, I wanna know how can we use blockchain as a database. Per se, I have product prices database, which contains product price, details and other meta data. The prices of products might change, depending on the product owner. I want to know how to design a solution based on blockchain to store this information and disseminate the updates in near real time. How and where the block-chain will reside ?

Update: Let's say I'm the owner of a company whose provides IT Products to it's clients. Each client can have different price for the same product based on the pre-signed contracts. Product details are currently stored in a database(lets name it Back_DB)(details defined below)

  1. Product_id
  2. Price
  3. Type
  4. Description

This database is located in different location which I have limited/no access to. I have a database on my side(lets name it FrontDB), which I use to show the prices and details of each products to the clients. I get the updates in the form of data dump from the BackDB to FrontDB once in a day at a defined time. Here comes my use case. I want to use blockchain concepts and create an architecture such that as soon as there is an update/deletion/creation of product info in the BackDB it is communicated to my FrontDB in the form of a transaction in a block, so that it always contains newest information.