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Bitcoin Wallet / April 18, 2018

To the world’s most popular Bitcoin wallet. Don’t take our word for it though, here’s what Bitcoin users have been saying:

“Awesome changes, it looks really good. Congrats!”

“Really digging the newest Blockchain wallet, especially added security.”

“New @blockchain mobile Bitcoin wallet makes it really simple to send or ask for btc over social media, message apps, e-mail”

“Just upgraded my @blockchain wallet, seamless process and love the look and features”

“I just updated to the new @blockchain HD wallet! Looks awesome. Great work @niccary @OneMorePeter”

“It’s super slick and is easy to use. Would definitely recommend!!”

We’re striving to build the best bitcoin wallet, and that means designing a wallet that makes it easy and enjoyable for anyone to start using bitcoin. In this post, we’re shining the spotlight on our latest updates for iOS and Android.

Our new mobile wallets include simplified backup and recovery, a new robust security center, plus the friendliest and fastest user experience we’ve ever built.

To transition to our new wallet, mobile users can select Upgrade at the top left of their mobile menu. New and existing users can choose to use our legacy platform for now, but eventually we’ll need everyone to upgrade. If you’ve been thinking about trying a bitcoin wallet for your desktop or mobile device, now is the time.