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Bitcoin Wallet / December 29, 2018, a bitcoin wallet, announced the launch of Bitcoin Direct to Starbucks, a new way for coffee lovers to use bitcoin.

iPayYou's newest feature enables users to easily transfer bitcoin from their existing iPayYou wallet to their Starbucks mobile app, according to a press release. Users select an amount of funds they wish to transfer, allowing the new feature to automatically withdraw the proper amount of bitcoin from the user's iPayYou account and deposit the correct dollar amount into the Starbucks account. Users will immediately see the corresponding amount in their Starbucks app and can make purchases at any Starbucks location just as easily as before.

This latest update to the iPayYou platform follows the recent launch of iPayYou's gift card integration, which allows bitcoin to be used to instantly purchase gift cards from retailers including Starbucks, Best Buy and iTunes.