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Best anonymous Bitcoin wallet

Bitcoin Wallet / November 5, 2018

Anonymous Bitcoin Wallet With Built-in Bitcoin Tumbler.

Bitcoin Tumbler Built-In

TorWallet features a built-in Bitcoin tumbler to automatically anonymize any funds in your wallet. Funds in your wallet are fully anonymized and untraceable. With TorWallet you don't need to use any external Bitcoin mixing services.

No Logs

We never store IP logs or any information about your users. IP addresses are deleted every 30 seconds. We store no data except for your username, password, email, transaction history and balance. You can also delete your account and thereby wipe all information at any time. You can also create multiple anonymous accounts.

Cold Storage Vault

We use state-of-the-art security features to guarantee the safety of your Bitcoins. Most Bitcoins are store offline in multisig-protected cold storage. It is technically impossible for a hacker, no matter how skilled, to steal Bitcoins stored offline in cold storage.

TOR Compatible

Obviously TorWallet is fully TOR compatible with fast load times and no images.

Anonymous Credit Card

We offer a completely anonymous, reloadable virtual Bitcoin debit card for use online and on the phone. Limits are $500 per day in loads and $1000/day in transactions. Absolutely no ID or documents are required.

Source: torwallet.com