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Bitcoin Mining / July 22, 2021

Do not give them a dime of your money. You will be sorry if you do. Their miners are ridiculously late and are junk. They promised to match competitor pricing at ship time to protect the customer, now they will not honor that promise. They promised refunds and now will not honor that promise. Their registered director, Alex Sovu, is reported to have been charged with massive credit card fraud in the past and it seems not much has changed there. Stay away from these people.

at today's rate a gigahash is only worth about $0.03/GHs

Tomorrow someone is going to release a new miner that does about 500Th/s

Scammy as hell, if you don't have money already invested with them run away as fast as you can.

Why does the redesigned website show Prospero X-1's in stock, but you are saying you won't be delivering any till August? When I paid for mine in 2013 it made sense to wait a couple months for a machine to get in the mining game, but it's been so long now that an X-1 will probably be worth less than $50 USD when it's delivered. How am I gonna mine any Bitcoin when "Feudal Lords" are setting up servers working in Terra hash computing numbers to corner the Bitcoin market. I won't even be able to mine enough coin to pay for the unit's original cost.

I ordered 2 of their prospero X3 (2TH) machines and to be honest... i am just hoping i will actually receive a product... No one ever really heard of this company and my purchase was impulsive and made sense back then but now even if i get it. the 12k i spent will take much longer to recuperate.. In other words.. I don't know if I will actually get the hardware or if this company even makes machines but lets hope they do... My shipment is set to be out on the 30th of april

no one looks trustworthy in that bit coin business.Are you proper company that keep the promise .if you cany keep your promise how you guarantee that we are not gonna get our refunds.thank you

If the minimum was lower say like 5 I would pic 5 up today. But at 10 is is a huge risk.

Please, please, sell your lovely Prospero X-1 in single units: I would buy it immediately.
Why don't you consider also people like me?

"This site:

so far has scam written all over it, caveat emptor! Hold out for more info and verification before sending any BTC to anyone.

Site only accepts BTC, can't trace them, can't get them back. BTC paid is BTC gone."