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Bitcoin Mining / April 19, 2019

Customizable Hybrid Cloud at Liquid WebAs 2014 comes to a close, we’ve noticed one technology rise to this top over this last year. Study after study has been published citing the increased growth of the Hybrid Cloud. One study cited that 65% of companies in their global study would switch to the public or hybrid cloud tomorrow if possible, while another found that 64% of companies in the US plan to increase their cloud spending 15% or more in 2015.

We’re not surprised by these statistics. A hybrid cloud environment, which usually combines elements of a public or private cloud along with some dedicated infrastructure, can be very appealing to business owners and IT professionals. This remains true despite some apparent lingering confusion about what the benefits of the hybrid cloud really are. In fact, 55% of one study’s participants were unable to accurately identify basic features of the hybrid cloud. However, it is the many attractive features, like those we’ve listed below, of the hybrid cloud that entices businesses both large and small.

Docker Container TechnologyCompletely Customizable

The “cloud” has been a hot topic in the industry over the last few years because of it’s convenience, flexibility, and accessibility – but it isn’t ideal for every project. Dedicated infrastructure still provides many benefits, such as high performance and durability. More and more enterprises are choosing the hybrid cloud environment because it allows them to create a custom solution designed specifically for their needs. With custom hybrid cloud environment, enterprises can minimize security risks while also maximizing their hosting performance and flexibility.

Private & Secure

Security, and the related privacy concerns, has consistently been one of the main barriers preventing businesses from embracing the cloud. Businesses that need to store transactional data or personal customer information are often required to follow compliance regulations calling for dedicated infrastructure. The beauty of the hybrid cloud environment, however, is the enhanced control over where and how your sensitive information is stored while still taking advantage of the flexibility and scalability offered through the cloud. Private data can be kept secure on a dedicated server protected with a firewall, while allowing the main content of your website or application to remain accessible via the cloud.


While the standard pricing structure for dedicated infrastructure can quickly add up if utilized incorrectly, traditional cloud environments allow businesses to pay for their environment on a hourly or daily basis, a convenient feature that allows for easy and cost-effective scalability. Combining these two pricing structures allows businesses to pay for exactly the amount of services they need and not a penny more, without sacrificing the performance of their application.

Hybrid cloud environments have been breaking down many of the barriers that prevented security conscious businesses from embracing the cloud, and we expect its popularity will only continue to grow as we transition into 2015. This trend has also been apparent at Liquid Web with our own Hybrid Hosting solutions. While they have always been popular with our customers, we’ve seen more and more customers asking for hosting solutions utilizing the best of both worlds – the security of dedicated environments and the flexibility of the cloud.

Source: www.liquidweb.com