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Start a Bitcoin business

Bitcoin Exchanges / December 1, 2021

Five years ago Bitcoin wasn’t even a blip on the radar, nobody knew or cared.

Today, Bitcoin is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

Seriously, if you’re not paying close attention to Bitcoin right now, listen up. We’re about to drop some knowledge on you that might change your life.

What is Bitcoin?

Quick Facts:

  • Bitcoin was created by an anonymous person who goes by the cover name of Satoshi Nakamoto. I mean… this fact alone should sell you on how exciting Bitcoin is.
  • Over $260 million of venture capital has been injected into Bitcoin companies to date, and more than 50% of that was invested in 2014 alone.
  • Bitcoin reduces the cost of financial transactions to almost nothing. Amazing.
  • Bitcoin isn’t just a currency. Data can be stored directly on the Bitcoin blockchain, enabling developers to create so many different types of applications, that we haven’t even thought of most of them yet. (The blockchain is a decentralized system where all Bitcoin transactions are saved).

“Ok, awesome Matt, Bitcoin sounds like it’s doing well. But is it really that popular? When will everyone be using it?”

Yes. Great question. I will tell you the answer right now.

  1. In order to make Bitcoin mainstream, someone needs to make a viral Bitcoin product that everyone uses. Likely, the people using this product will not even be aware that it’s powered by Bitcoin (similar to how you use Facebook, but don’t really care what type of development languages they use).
  2. To increase the chances of this viral Bitcoin application being created sooner rather than later, we need to increase the amount of smart people experimenting with Bitcoin and starting companies.

This is where you come in.

There is so much opportunity in Bitcoin. Most things that can be done today haven’t been thought of. There are even things that could be done that people have thought of but nobody is doing them yet.

The market is wide open. Your imagination and drive are the only things limiting you.

If you are at all curious about Bitcoin, I highly encourage you to take an hour to learn more about it. I guarantee you that once you start learning about Bitcoin, you will never be able to stop. You will be addicted.

Yes. Bitcoin is complicated. Yes, it can be daunting. But don’t worry about that. Just start learning and see where that takes you.

“Ok Matt, you’ve sold me. Now where should I go to learn about Bitcoin?”

Excellent question again! You’re on top of this.

I’m going to give you a list of:

  • Where to learn about bitcoin.
  • How to start developing your first Bitcoin application.
  • Where to get your first Bitcoin.