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Multiply your Bitcoins

Bitcoin Exchanges / July 19, 2019

Burst bubbles - multiply bitcoins. Just add a little ballance, pick the desirable bet amount and hit a bubble in the grid. Each bubble is a chance to win up to 10 times of your bet.

  • Adaptive design, music, sound fx.

    Payment/withdrawal is fully automatic.
    The deposit is accepted instantly - 0 confirmations.
    Withdrawal is possible after the deposit get 6 confirmations.

    Binding to the account using cookies. Registration is not required.

    For the bursting of the bubble - random reward: your have a chance to get your bet multiplied from 1.1 up to 10 times. You loose your bet at every bubble without multiplier.

    Built-in demo: first 100 bubbles free of charge.

    This is a multi-user game, other people may play on the same grid with you.

    Game grid reinitialise after every 1000 bubbles (watch "Bubbles remined" at page bottom)
    The game generate a page of bubbles with fixed number of randomly placed rewards.
    Game return 95% of payments as rewards.

    This is first public run, consider the game is still in beta status.

    Provably fair ( [?] -> provably fair ) apr 18 - New Algorithm!