How to Start Bitcoin Trading

How to start Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Exchanges / February 19, 2020

Community of Entrepreneurs

Bitcoin has a higher concentration of entrepreneurs than any other community. Reimagining money is important to us, so it’s natural for digital currency enthusiasts to share entrepreneurial spirit. It’s no surprise that Bitcoiners have built profitable businesses on Purse. The idea is straightforward: arbitrage the Purse discount.

Step 1: Buy products at a discount on Purse

Step 2: Resell these them on eBay, Craigslist, or even OpenBazaar.

Step 3: Buy more BTC back on an exchange

Purse members have cycled through these steps hundreds/thousands of times each. Some earned over $250, 000 a year in profit!

Q: “Do you have a way for people to make a full-time income with Bitcoin?”

A: Sure we do, and I’ll tell you how right now. – Roger Ver, Bitcoin Jesus

Why Purse Arbitrage Exists

shop-on-purse-sell-on-ebay3Arbitrage opportunities are rare. The reasons it’s possible on Purse is because few people know how to use Bitcoin, and even fewer know how to use Purse. Consider this the early adopter reward. The opportunity is analogous to building iOS apps in 2007 when Apple first opened up their platform. At the time, few knew how to build iOS apps, so the few who did made millions even if the apps weren’t great.

What’s better than HODLing? Accumulating.

The concept of arbitraging marketplaces isn’t unique to Bitcoin or Purse. People have been buying and selling across online marketplaces for years. With Bitcoin and Purse, you can 5x the industry profit margin. Get a leg up on the multi-billion dollar reseller industry.

Here’s a quick example…

Imagine if you bought an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite for $119. With a 20% discount on Purse, the Kindle is only $95. On eBay, the cheapest Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is selling for $115. If you bought a Kindle for $95 and sold it for $115, you’d make an impressive 21% profit!