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Bitcoin Exchanges / May 9, 2021

Ivan is from Croatia, born and raised in Zagreb, where he graduated in Economics. His family is in the publishing business (school books and other educational materials) for over 4 decades. He mostly works in marketing, and he intends to be among the first to apply blockchain technology to schoolbooks/textbooks to help young generations get as much as knowledge possible at early age. When Ivan read about Bitcoin and the blockchain for the first time, he declared it a new "internet" or a new "steam locomotive". He believes in the new speeds, connections, transparency, savings, reduction of frauds, reduction of middlemen and accounting expenses, and so much more that platforms based on blockchain can bring to everyone. He believes that the world today is fueled by information, about everyone anywhere: company, bank, or individual. The only logical move is to fully transparent platforms and businesses which will create huge new value and also win the trust to new millions of participants across the world with fair and available systems to everyone. Ivan loves the ability that Augur will give to anyone anywhere to create the market in which anybody can participate. Outside of Augur, he enjoys the intoxicating tastes of wine; he created a very special red wine on an island in Adriatic Sea, Croatia, and loves to share it with his friends. He also loves hiking, fishing, cooking...especially fish he caught himself!