5 Methods to Buy Bitcoin With PayPal Instantly in 2017

From PayPal to Bitcoin

Bitcoin Exchanges / March 6, 2020

Exmo.Com is an online exchange that supports a variety of virtual currencies, such as bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Namecoin and Vertcoin. Users can exchange one digital currency for another and they can sell a cryptocurrency for USD, the site will transfer the fiat currency to their PayPal accounts.

Paypal is the most popular online payment system. You can use it anywhere, anytime. PayPal is convenient, secure and fast. It is an intermediary service that enables you to transfer your online money to a physical bank.
Bitcoin is another online payment service, a peer-to-peer, decentralized cryptocurrency that has a fixed supply. Bitcoin is a currency and, at the same time, a service. It is not connected with physical money; it is independent, it is the online version of cash. You can deal with bitcoin funds at online exchanges.

You may want to . Consider that it is neither convenient nor safe, because of the fraud risk factor. Those who buy bitcoins may use false complaints against the sellers, claiming they did not receive any bitcoin. The seller cannot prove that they have provided the bitcoins the buyers were purchasing. In the end, sellers have to refund them. If you use this option, you will have to pay higher fees than the usual fee of a simple transaction.

If you want to sell bitcoins for higher prices than you have bought them, consider sites like LocalBitcoins and eBay.

You can use Exmo.Com, Virtual World Exchange or your credit card to exchange PayPal to bitcoin. At Virwox, you have to pay a commission fee, but the process is easier than using credit cards.

Exchange PayPal to Bitcoin, Step by Step

Get a free account on Virwox. Transfer your money (fiat currency) to your Virwox account through Paypal. Select an option to deposit your fund with PayPal or your credit card with Skrill payment. You can deposit a limited amount of money each day; if you deal with your transactions successfully, the site will lift such limits.

Buy Second Life Linden for American dollar or Euro. Select the “Place a sell order” button or the USD/SLL button.

Once you have SLL, you can use them to buy bitcoins, BTC for short. Select the “BTC/SLL” option. Select the amount of money you want to buy. Hit the “withdraw” button to transfer the bitcoins to your wallet. Add your bitcoin address and select “request withdrawal”.

VirWox lets you buy and sell Bitcoins with PayPal instantly in the same way as Exmo.Com

Sell Bitcoin with PayPal

Exmo.Com is fast, it transfers your fiat currency (dollar) to your PayPal within 24 hours, in most cases, less than 8 hours. You just select the “from bitcoin” and “to PayPal” option, then select the amount of bitcoins you want to sell for USD transferred to your PayPal account. After that, you provide your PayPal email address and hit “start exchange” button. Transfer the funds to a unique bitcoin address the site has sent you. As soon as they get their coins, they will send fiat currency to your PayPal account.

Source: exmo.com