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Where can you spend Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Exchanges / January 30, 2018

You can buy most things for bitcoin online. There is also a growing number of brick & mortar shops which accept bitcoins. Whenever you see the bitcoin accepted here sticker you can put a smile on you face. These shops accept bitcoins.

Among our favorite examples of bitcoin accepting sites are Fiverr which accepts bitcoins where you can book flights and hotels for bitcoin only.

Often sites that accept bitcoin as their exclusive payment option offer better prices because they pass on advantages from saved payment fees and eliminated fraud. Another option is to spend your bitcoins on popular ecommerce websites like Amazon and eBay with the help of and all4btc. Via you can purchase any item on and even get 20% off.

Sites that list shops which have bitcoin as a payment option integrated

When you are looking for particular products that you would like to buy with bitcoins, these sites will be of great help. On most of these you can search by category and often also by location. This will help you find the bitcoin merchants that you are looking for. Happy shopping!