27 Exchanges that Allow Buying Bitcoins with a Credit Card (2017

How to purchase Bitcoins with credit card?

Bitcoin Exchanges / July 11, 2022

Our backend system is made for a smooth order process and a quick payout. It should be noted though, that if our backend system detects some inconsistency in the data associated with an order, it will be pick-up for a manual review.

Here are some general rules, which we advise you to follow if you want your bitcoins fast and smooth:

• Name (Only use your real name as stated in your passport and credit card)
• Email address (Use your personal email which must have been in use for at least 12 month)
• Mobile telephone (Enter your own telephone. We do not accept virtual numbers)
• Credit card (Use your own credit card. US-issued credit cards are unfortunately not accepted)
• Bank account (Use only you your own bank account when transferring money to our account)
• IP Address (We need to your capture your actual IP address. Please disable VPN during the order process)
• Bitcoin address (Address associated with dark market or criminal activities is a no-go)

Since we are a regulated entity, you should not expect anonymity when trading with us. If your order is large or we see some inconsistencies in data related to your order, then we might request further details from you. We spend a lot of time and energy on creating an offering that manages risk in a good way, while still presents you as a customer, with a convenient and easy order process.

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Source: wemovecoins.com