Analyst: Bitcoin s Market Cap Could Grow Well Beyond $100 Billion

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Bitcoin Exchanges / April 21, 2022

ethusdAfter many requests for a possible target i tried to find a solution with a very long term price interpolation channel of this popular altcoin. I did my best to find a decent volatility factor to compute the deviation lines, the attached chart is my best fit.

I think that the next stop is around 35$ (two standard deviation), i’d be very surprised to see this altcoin above it but anything is possible at poloniex, the realm of newbies and whales:)

Aniway the very first resistance has already been broken; I, therefore, think there are chance to reach 35$ at bubble peak.

About Dash, the six sigma deviation line is around 82$, hardly this altcoin will stay above it for a prolonged period of time, eventually a quick spike to 95$-100$ before capitulation. The term “six sigma” comes from the industry and it means that if one product has six standard deviations between the process mean and the nearest specification limit, practically no items produced will fail to meet specifications; at the same time here we are almost certain that at least in the short term the price will remain below it.