How To Make Money With Bitcoin | Buying, Selling, Investing

How do you get money from Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Exchanges / April 7, 2020

Cryptocurrency is a very risky business, but in the case of Bitcoin, it appears that there has been stable growth over the past few years.

If you treat BitCoin like stock, then making money is a simple as buy low sell high.

However, there are other ways to make money from bitcoin.

Sell Drugs on the Dark Web - Given the level of security that Cryptocurrency offers, many people are making thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars selling illegal substances and services on the dark web. I do not condone this activity in anyway but my opinion cannot stop you from doing what you would like to do. Just be safe.

Sell Services on Forums & Marketplaces - There are hundreds of legal places that you can sell your services for Bitcoins. I am only aware of a few but a quick google search shows more than that. I even know of a Bitcoin real estate exchange. Oh how times have changed.

Mine Bitcoin - Mining bitcoin on a personal computer is tedious and nearly impossible, but if you were to invest into dedicated mining machines, the rewards may be worth it, especially with the way bitcoins have increased in value. A machine will run you a decent stack of cash but if it’s something you believe in, whats stopping you!

Anyways, making money with bitcoin for me has only been buy low sell high. I prefer cash for my services even though sometimes I believe in Bitcoin more than I do the United States Dollar.