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Sell Dogecoin for Bitcoin

Bitcoin Exchanges / March 8, 2021

imageAt Celery, we are continuing to round out our digital currency wallet features. Selling is the latest addition. With your Celery account, you can now buy, sell, send, deposit and store your bitcoin, litecoin or dogecoin.

Selling digital currency on Celery is easy. Here’s a quick guide to selling:

Signing up and completing your account is simple and fast. We require less personal information than most digital currency sites. We don’t want you to provide any information that we do not need.


2. Add a bank

Add the bank account that you want to cash out to. In order to sell digital currency, you need to have some in your Celery account. With a verified bank, you can buy bitcoin, litecoin or dogecoin. Or deposit to your Celery account from another wallet or exchange site.

3. Sell

With digital currency in your account, you’re all set to sell! Go to Celery’s Sell page and choose the currency you want to sell, and the amount.

We believe in transparency, so you can see the low 1% selling fee before you cash out.

Once you sell, you’ll see an estimated arrival time for the dollars to appear in your bank. Usually 2-3 days.

That’s it! Congratulate yourself on selling digital currency!