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Blockchain In Bitcoin / May 13, 2017

We’ve been grinding in NYC for the last 4 months working on the latest iteration of our product.

This morning, we’re proud to announce the launch of the new website and iOS & Android apps to the public.

We’re more bullish than ever on the bitcoin & blockchain space & wanted to expand on not only the information and investment tools we offer, but the audience we’re also able to reach.

Our new apps are available worldwide & we’ve completely eliminated our old sign-up process — you can check it out with no account required!

We’ve also released a bunch of free new data & material on our website and in our app including an index tracking the top Blockchain Assets over time that automatically fluctuates & re-balances with the growth of the space — the Lawnmower Blockchain Index.

This update marks our first public steps towards expanding from an investment app for bitcoin & into a broader platform for the entire Blockchain Asset Class — now featuring a vast amount of information, data, news, & research on the space in addition to investment tools.

We’re now a global hub for Blockchain Asset market data, research, & investment tools — check it out &/or keep reading to learn more about the new features & updates.

iOS & Android Apps

You can start learning about and tracking the price of bitcoin & newer Blockchain assets like Ether & Ripple in seconds with no sign-up required — actually investing is now a totally optional feature within the Lawnmower app.

You can track the prices of Blockchain Assets of your choice right from the dashboard, view market statistics like trading volume and market capitalizations, read leading industry news, and check out our own exclusive asset research from anywhere in the world.

To get a taste, check out our re-vamped website & blog — showing off some of the research & data we have available in the app.

Investment tools & analytics are available for trading bitcoin in the U.S. with your bank account through our partnership with Coinbase, with planned expansion into additional geographies, assets, and payment methods.

We have also developed a proprietary index for leading Blockchain Assets to track & watch them evolve over time. The Lawnmower Blockchain Index (“LBI”) was created to represent & follow the top Blockchain Assets in the space and automatically evolve in terms of composition & price as the industry develops.

You can see the price, constituents, & methodology in both apps, on the website, and in our more formal overview specification of the index.

The new app, website, & index are now live and feature months of work on design updates, additional app features, and research & writing.

Source: blog.lawnmower.io