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Blockchain Algorithm / January 10, 2018

Image displaying sample Blockchain Wallet Identifier - Web via Paper WalletIn this post we’ll explain what your wallet identifier is, as well as why it’s important to keep a record of it. We’ll also guide you through the steps on how to locate your identifier using our web wallet and our mobile wallets on iOS and Android.

Understanding why your wallet identifier is important

A wallet identifier serves as a unique way for you to differentiate your Blockchain Wallet from others. A new identifier is generated every time a user creates a new wallet. Unlike bitcoin transactions that are viewable by anyone using a bitcoin block explorer, identifiers are not public and we recommend not sharing them with anyone, except for relevant support purposes.

A user can have many Blockchain wallets and will have a unique wallet identifier for each one. It can be helpful to understand the purpose of your identifier by associating its usefulness with a username required when you log in to any online service. Your identifier, when paired with your password and any form of two-factor authentication if enabled, are what you need to successfully log in to your wallet.

To get a copy of your wallet identifier, you can follow any of these steps below.

Image displaying sample Blockchain Wallet Identifier - iOSReference a recent backup

A common security practice we highly recommend is to back up your bitcoin wallet. Making a secure backup helps to ensure you will not lose access to your funds. If you aren’t sure how to make a backup of your wallet, please check out our tutorial on backup basics.

One easy way to back up your wallet is with a paper wallet, which is shown below. On the backup you will see your wallet login link, which includes your wallet identifier in the URL. Once you have generated the paper wallet, you can choose to print it out and store it safely for future reference. Be sure to clear your browser history and cache once you’re done.

Use the Blockchain iOS app

In the Blockchain iOS app, you can get a copy of your identifier. To get a copy of the identifier, open up the app and tap on the menu icon on the upper left corner. Tap on Account Settings, and on the next page at the top you will see the identifier under Account Details. You can copy this over to the web wallet too if you need to log in with it. Shown below is a sample iOS wallet identifier.

Use the Blockchain Android app

In the Blockchain Android app, it’s a very similar process to find your wallet identifier. To get a copy of your identifier, tap on the menu icon in the upper left corner. Next, tap on Wallet Settings. Your Blockchain Wallet identifier will be displayed as the first item. Shown below is a sample Android wallet identifier.