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Blockchain anonymity

Blockchain Algorithm / December 11, 2016

It is's policy to store as little information about our users as possible. Using our basic wallet service all we store is an encrypted JSON payload containing your keys which is only possible for you to decrypt. Some additional My Wallet features require information about your public keys - explained below.

Public Keys

My Wallet can operate in two different modes:

  • Alerts Disabled If you have notifications disabled your public keys are stored encrypted inside your wallet. In this mode we are unable to view your public keys when offline and hence cannot view your balance or transactions.
  • Alerts Enabled When notifications are enabled your public keys are inserted in a separate table along with your email, skype handle or google talk username. This mode does sacrifice some Anonymity as we can now see your public keys and view your wallet balance. However just because a wallet contains a public key does not necessarily mean they are the owner of said key (as you can add keys without the respective private key).

Private Keys

Your un-encrypted private keys are never shared with our server. My Wallet can again operate in two modes:

  • Zero-Trust Mode You can choose to add only your Bitcoin addresses without private keys. This method is potentially more secure as in the event of a security breach of there is no possible way your funds can be compromised. However you are responsible for your own private keys which means you must have your private keys stored somewhere else e.g. A Paper Wallet.
  • Private Key Mode (Default) Your private keys will be stored inside your encrypted Wallet. In order to be able to decrypt your wallet you need your password. Your password is not stored on's servers and so in the event of a security breach your keys should still be safe.

TOR is available as a tor hidden service at

Address Book

Your address book is stored inside your encrypted Wallet and cannot be viewed by


Your password is never shared with our server in any way shape of form.

Email and other personally identifiable information

Any email address, skype username or google talk username you enter will be stored on's servers. We will never share this information with any third parties.