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Bitcoin paper wallet Printer

Bitcoin Wallet / December 2, 2015

PiperWallet Prints Bitcoin Paper WalletsCreating a paper wallet is one of the most secure ways of securing and storing digital currency. As these funds are kept offline, there is no chance of the wallet being hacked through traditional means. On the other hand paper, wallets can get stolen, end up lost, or damaged by either fire or water. That isn’t keeping people from printing these paper wallets, though, and the PiperWallet is a nifty – albeit expensive- tool to fulfill this task.

Even though the concept of printing paper wallets is not all that difficult, offering a more user-friendly solution is never a bad thing. As you would come to expect, however, these convenient solutions come at a rather steep price. Purchasing a PiperWallet will set you back US$169, which is rather expensive for what the machine does.
That being said, PiperWallet is a useful tool for aspiring and veteran Bitcoin users, as it will offer them with a great opportunity to print paper wallets by using a Raspberry Pi. Also, part of the high price can be attributed to the handcrafted nature of the devices. Such a small and sleek black box will certainly be a topic of conversation when having friends over.

Even when generating a paper wallet from the comfort of your own home, there is always the risk of exposing the private key associated with the wallet address. There are various third party services that will help users generate paper wallets, but there is always a certain level of trust associated with this process. Bitcoin is designed to remove third-party trust from the equation, and an independent machine to print paper wallets makes sense in this regard.

So far, more than 300 PiperWallets have been sold, which is quite an impressive number. Most of the sales come from Bitcoin users who are – more than – paranoid about keeping their funds safe. But there is also a genuine interest from Bitcoin ATM operators who are looking for alternative ways to offer customers a paper wallet printing service when buying digital currency.

Available Exclusively Through Purse MerchantsAs one would come to expect from a device like PiperWallet, convenience is the top priority. All a user needs to do is plug in the PiperWallet, push a button, and the Bitcoin paper wallet will be created within a minute. Every paper wallet comes with its own public and private keys, as well as a QR code to fund the address with Bitcoin.

The Purse.io platform has been generating a lot of positive reactions from the Bitcoin community so far. As Bitcoin users can buy things on Amazon with Bitcoin and save money while doing so, Purse has become quite popular over the past few years. But the team is not resting on their laurels.

By making the PiperWallet available exclusively through Purse Merchants for the price of US$169, Purse is bringing something new to the table. It does not happen often a Bitcoin-related platform can offer an item exclusively, and the PiperWallet is a great gift to introduce more people to the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Source: bitcoinist.com