How to Make a Paper Bitcoin Wallet

How to make a paper wallet Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Wallet / October 12, 2018

Hi there, I want to buy a Bitcoin but store it externally on a paper wallet, however, I know Coinbase no longer proves this function on its website. After much research I think I've finally figured it out, but would just like some conformation. Ok, here goes...

To put Bitcoin on my paper wallet:
1. I purchase a Bitcoin from the Coinbase exchange
2. I use a secure external site to generate the BIP 38 Encrypted Bitcoin Paper Wallet obtaining a public and private key.
3. I go to my coin base account, and send my Bitcoin to the public address. It is then removed from Coinbase and store on the paper wallet (is that correct?).
4. To confirm the process, I then paste the public key into to confirm the transaction has been made

To use the Bitcoin on my paper wallet:
1. I go to my wallet (it could be coinbase or somethine else). I generate a new public key for that wallet to receive my Bitcoin on the paper wallet
2. I go to and insert my private key to send to my wallet.