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How to Deposit money into Bitcoin wallet?

Bitcoin Wallet / January 6, 2019

Important announcement: BitX has recently rebranded to Luno. We have not yet changed our bank account names to Luno so do not be alarmed if you are still depositing to a BitX bank account. Simply follow the steps as indicated on your device and your deposit will reach us as normal.

To deposit money, follow these steps:

1. Log into your Luno account and click ACCOUNTS

2. Click on your local currency account and click on FUND ACCOUNT

3. Follow the instructions on screen

Different payment methods are available in each of the countries. Follow the steps displayed and Luno will give you the bank details which will result in the fastest fund allocation for you.

Please read and follow the instructions carefully. This will ensure your deposit is allocated quickly.

Make an online bank transfer from your bank account to the Luno bank account. Once we've received your funds, you will get an email notification stating that you can now buy Bitcoin.

IMPORTANT: To ensure your deposit is allocated quickly, please make sure to use the correct REFERENCE NUMBER or, in some countries, the UNIQUE DEPOSIT AMOUNT.

In some countries, we may ask you to use a UNIQUE REFERENCE to help us track your deposit. Enter this reference at your bank when making the deposit to ensure it reflects on our bank statement.

In some countries, we may ask you to send a UNIQUE DEPOSIT AMOUNT to help us track your deposit. This amount will be slightly more than the deposit amount you entered.