How to use a printed paper wallet from a bitcoin ATM receipt

How to access my Bitcoin wallet?

Bitcoin Wallet / February 15, 2018

I had to do this for a Dogecoin wallet that was very out of sync once. I will outline the steps that worked for me. My example will be for Bitcoin, though, since that's probably what most people will need.

Caution: this is a bit technical, but it works. Expect this to take probably 10-30 minutes. This also assumes you are using a standard Pay-To-Pubkey-Hash address (for bitcoin, this just means an address that starts with a 1).


Obtain the address that you were sent coins to. This is an address that the unsynced Bitcoin-QT wallet previously generated. For this example, I will use


as my address that I need to get coins out of.


Go to {{ your address }}.

Find the transaction TXID, output index, and amount of the coins you are trying to spend from the block explorer.

  • To get the transaction ID, use the hex code at the top of the transaction box.
  • To get the output index, count the transaction outputs from zero until you find your address. For example, in the transaction shown below, my 13x... address received coins in the first output, which means index zero. If it were in the second output, it would be index 1, etc.
  • To get the amount, make sure you select "BTC" as the website units (in the top right). Then copy the amount from the output where you see your address receiving coins.

So for me, the important information here is:

txid: a6acb656668afc137b9c02ca023ae274e0f12abbc79395a89b6b79 index: 0 amount: 0.00231499


The other piece of information that we need is the scriptPubKey. This is basically just a more low-level encoding of the address.

To get this, click the "+" icon to the left of the TXID (still on the same insight page as before). Under your address, it will say something like:

OP_DUP OP_HASH160 205799b3b8bdba5824b0129eec27450b0cfde7eb OP_EQUALVERIFY OP_CHECKSIG

Now the scriptPubKey that you want is using those middle 40 hex characters, plus a few more. The basic formula is:

scriptPubKey = "76a914" concat {{ hex chars from above }} concat "88ac"

So for my example, we have:

scriptPubKey: 99b3b8bdba5824b0129eec27450b0cfde7eb88ac


Almost done!

Get the address you want to send the coins too. I will use