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Getting started with Bitcoin mining

Bitcoin Mining / May 18, 2019

The only reasonable way is to join a cloudmining operation. One such operation is called and it has been running since 2014. They are still paying out profits daily without a problem. You can get started on with 6.20$ worth of Bitcoins, about 0.01 BTC, which will get you 20 kilohash/s. Your initial investment will be returned in approx. 2~ months.

You can get started with and you'll receive 15 kilohash/s free (bonus bitcoins) when you sign up:

But wait, is this a scam? How does it supposedly work? Heres how: You invest in the company that owns datacenters and mines bitcoin themselves, your investment is steadily returned to you and you will keep making profit after your investment has been returned. I cannot tell you if is a scam, what I can tell you it paid me 5 dollars yesterday, the day before that, and has paid me every day since I joined myself. Hopefully it will pay me again tomorrow. So far I have been making a quarter of my rent each month and my revenue is only increasing. I honestly didn’t believe this thing myself to be so crazy good but what can I say, I love the internet lol.

So again, what you have to do? Register with only your email, buy some hashing power with Bitcoins, insert your Bitcoin wallet code and start receiving daily payments. It's that simple, the only string attached is that you cannot be sure for how long the company is running for, that’s where the gamble is at, but so far 2 years up and running and successfully paying out daily profits.