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Bitcoin mining with laptop

Bitcoin Mining / November 29, 2020

Hello friend, there are two options to mine bitcoins. The first option is to mine bitcoins at home by purchasing hefty mining equipment's. They are very noisy too and needs electricity to work.

And the second option is . I go with it because it doesn’t require any noisy and expensive equipment’s to be installed at home. It is the best.

There are so many cloud mining sites available online. But most of them are useless. I will tell you about the site that I personally use to mine bitcoins and other crypto currencies/

To mine bitcoins I use . It is a cloud mining site where you not only can mine bitcoins but also other cryptocurrencies like litecoin, dogecoin and even normal currency like US dollars. Isn’t that great.

To start mining at they give 100 GH/s mining power free just after registering. So that you can start mining .

You can increase your mining power if you want to mine bitcoins or other currencies fast. In my opinion 100 GH/s is a good amount to start with.

So don’t wait. Create an account at and start mining with 100 GH/s free mining power.