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Mining for Bitcoin profitable

Bitcoin Mining / November 9, 2017

Bitcoin mining will always be profitable. But, self mining is impossible especially in India. So, the best way to earn is join a cloud mining pool. To know better read below-

If Rs 1000 would have been invested 5 years back then it would have given the following benefits by October 2016*

✅Nationalised Bank, PF, PPF : Fixed deposit 8-9% /year = Rs. 1680/-
✅Gold rate : Rs.2640/gm to Rs. 2960/gm
✅Mutual Fund : Average 12% /year =Rupees 1800/-

*So How can we get more RETURNS*

We hereby invite you to take this very IMPORTANT STEP towards *Changing Your Finances*.

Facts about the system:
1⃣ If it is accepted by *Microsoft and BILL GATES*, should we look at it?
2⃣ If *48 Countries* (Governments) including *Developed countries* have allowed it, should we have understand it?
3⃣ If *Ratan Tata* and hundreds of *HNI* ( High Net Worth Individuals) have invested in it, should we at least study it?
4⃣ If ex-RBI Governor *Raghuram Rajan* himself has predicted it as future, should we visualize it?
5⃣ If *UPSC and IAS* Curriculum has included it, should we go through it?

*Definitely YES ✅ ✅✅*
If we would have known this in 2010, Our Rs. 1000/- would have been today Rs.5 Cr. Pure White money & still growing!

So, take your step and increase your income.
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