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Bitcoin solo mining Setup

Bitcoin Mining / July 18, 2021

Bitcoin Core doesn't directly allow for stratum miners to connect, you need a middleman proxy to translate the two mining methods used by Bitcoin Core and cgminer on the Antminer S3. This is simplest with bfgminer.

Run BFGminer on the same computer as Bitcoin Core with the following configuation, it won't need any further settings altered or configured (it gets the RPC password automatically on launch).

bfgminer -stratum-port=3333

BFGminer will launch, and retrieve the information needed for solo mining.

Now using coinbase address 1PkNBPBGEmvoMFbwRT5ky3XXVNstJnJ4c1, provided by pool 0 Network difficulty changed to 49.4G (353.6P) Pool 0 alive Long-polling activated for (getblocktemplate) Added local bitcoin RPC server on port 8332 as pool 0 Probing for an alive pool Pool 0 alive

You're now ready to solo mine against Bitcoin Core, you just have to point your antminer at the IP address of the computer running BFGminer, and the miner should show up in the top section of BFGminer with its hashrate showing as "PXY" (stratum proxy). Any blocks will be paid out to the coinbase address shown in BFGminer, which is a new one generated from your wallet.