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Bitcoin Mining / November 30, 2019

This is really depends on your current economic situation, and how much electricity is in your area. I have been mining for 3 years plus now, up to almost 800TH (800, 000 GH/S). My advice start NOW, if you are going to do it. Buy a Antminer S9, NEW or USED on Amazon as you get great buyer protection. If you own your home, install a Power Saving device like KillaWattBox™. which recycled all the wasted KW (HEAT FROM THE MINER) via power factor correction. To make the Bitcoin mining more profitable, search YouTube for my channel TheBitcoinMiner. Learn how to Mine, other coins like z. Cash which is easy and you can mine from a Linux CPU. Also I learned to sell all my mined coins for a 30% markup on a site like THIS IS A GREAT WAY TO BOOTSTRAP YOUR CAPITAL.

Below is a Linux CPU, I bought for 150$ off Amazon. It's so small, yet is super fast.

The second picture is showing a how I sell $232 worth of Bitcoin for 400$ as an example.

Then checkout my blog on YouTube. Solar powered Bitcoin mining, mining on your cpu etc.