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Bitcoin merchants List

Bitcoin Exchanges / January 4, 2022

You might not know it, but there’s a special feature in every Blockchain Wallet that makes it effortless to find places nearby where you can spend your bitcoin and support the bitcoin community too. Wherever you are, the Blockchain Merchant Map is easily accessible and provides you with a verified list of merchants. That’s right, we check in with every single one of our merchants to make sure they accept bitcoin. Find cafes, bars, restaurants, shops, bitcoin ATMs and more – all around the world!

Are you ready for new adventures? The Merchant Map comes with some cool features like the ability to narrow results just like other leading directories, and the good news is you can find it on both iOS and Android. Follow these steps to access the map features:


Have you discovered a merchant not listed on our Map?

There are lots of new places starting to accept bitcoin, so sometimes it’s hard for us to keep up. That’s where you can help!