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Can I make money with Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Exchanges / May 14, 2019

Setting up mining servers in india is simply not feasible.

Mining requires many hardware tools which are very expensive. Along with the hardware you also require cheap 24x7 electricity, high speed Internet and other factors which are not possible in india.

Without mining if you buy one bitcoin at a price of $1000 the price of bitcoin will fluctuate and it can go as high as $10, 000 so you make a profit of $9, 000. $9, 000 in almost 1 or 2 years is a good deal. I know I'm bit to exaggerating but you can never know how the prices will fluctuate as it can even go beyond $10, 000.

So there should be some possible way to double sure your investment i.e. to gain both from bitcoin mining and trading.

Many Indian now going towards cloud mining techniques. Cloud mining is the easiest method and gainbitcoin is an indian company which pays you 10% on your investment every month for 18 months.

Lets take a example-

you have invested 1 BTC now (currently price of 1 BTC is $1, 000)

You will get a return of 10% on your investment i.e.10% of 1 BTC is 0.1 BTC

After 18 months you get 0.1 x 18 = 1.8 BTC

Suppose price of bitcoin in 1.5 years (18 months) is$10, 000.

Revenue will be 1.8 x $10, 000 = $18, 000