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Where to sell Bitcoins for PayPal?

Bitcoin Exchanges / November 14, 2019

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We compare the price on several biggest Bitcoin exchanges and choose the one which is best for you.

Selling Bitcoins
Fee - 3%

Lock the price before sending your bitcoins to us and receive a guaranteed amount of EUR or USD to your bank or PayPal account.

Buying Bitcoins
Fee - 3%

Buy bitcoins using bank transfer. After we receive your bank transfer, you will be able to choose when to commit to your purchase.

Selling BitcoinsSecurity

  • The vast majority of bitcoins held by CoinGate are stored in Cold Storage.
  • We create the withdrawal immediately and process it within 24 hours after receiving the payment for the sale or purchase of bitcoins.
  • Protect your account with 2FA using Google Authenticator.
  • All uploaded verification documents are kept in an encrypted format.

Referral System

  • Create referral links and receive 1% of the fees paid by traders who registered using your link.
  • No verification needed to create referral links.
  • Share a part of your referrer profit with your referrals.


  • SEPA
    Fee - 0%

    Withdraw EUR using this method. Your bank may charge a fee for receiving payments, you should contact your bank to inquire about their fees.

  • International bank
    Bank Fees

    Withdraw EUR and USD using this method. You will have to pay all transaction fees.

  • MoneyPolo
    Fee - 1%

    Withdraw EUR and USD using this method. You will have to pay a 1% fee of the withdrawal amount.

  • PayPal
    PayPal Fees

  • Bitcoin

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