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Bitcoin Exchanges / April 17, 2020

This crowd funding campaign has three main objectives:

  • Fund the costs associated with running the Ubuntu MATE and MATE Desktop projects.
  • These include domain name registrations and service charges for things like the content delivery network, web application firewall and transactional email services used by the forums.
  • Fund the development of Ubuntu MATE and MATE Desktop via financial rewards for contributors to either project.
  • Help subsidise the travel expenses of team members to represent Ubuntu MATE and MATE Desktop at FLOSS conferences.
  • Support other Open Source projects that Ubuntu MATE depends upon.
  • Patrons will be rewarded with exclusive project news, updates and invited to participate in video conferences where you can talk to the developers directly.

    We have set up a number of payment options that should hopefully suit everyone. Go on, be brilliant, help grow our community.


    This is a unique way to fund an Open Source community. A regular monthly income for the Ubuntu MATE project will allow us to better plan how best to reward our contributors and sponsor other Open Source projects.

    Monthly supporter

    Become a Patron


    We’d prefer you set-up a recurring payment to help ensure that monthly costs are always covered and it also allows us to better plan how to reward our contributors and sponsor other Open Source projects. That said, one time donations are also gratefully accepted.

    Commercial sponsorship

    If you are using, or plan to use, Ubuntu MATE in a commercial environment and would like to sponsor the project more formally, then please head over to our Patreon page where we have commercial sponsorship packages.



    Click or scan to QR code below to launch your Bitcoin client and donate 0.015 btc to Ubuntu MATE. Alternatively, copy and paste the Bitcoin address into your Bitcoin client to donate an amount of your choice.