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Bitcoin Exchanges / November 7, 2021

bitcoin business directoryNote: This blog article is meant to be for merchants that are accepting bitcoins at their retail businesses.

Accepting bitcoin payments is one thing. Telling others that you are currently accepting bitcoin is another. Let’s be honest, unless you’re or, you can’t really make a great press release like them. can help you with it, but, there’s only so much we could do.

What should I do?

Inbound marketing is key to your online success. That is, bringing online customers to your retail business – getting your business known in the online space. Listing in credible and high-traffic directories will bring those online customers to your shop. is the place where you should list your business.

Why you should list your business on is the largest open-source bitcoin directory. Unless you’re a bitpay merchant, the next best place to list your business is Having your business listed there, bitcoin users will be able find your store with ease.

How to list on

The youtube video below shows you how to do it.

Short story

We had a merchant that signed up with us nearly 6 months ago but he didn’t fully verify his account. However, one day, he had a few customers going to his store and asked him

“Do you accept bitcoin?”.

“Yes we do. However we don’t have it fully setup yet.” he answered.

He thought it was just a once off event. But later on, there were a few other customers that asked the same question.

He was curious so he asked, “how did you know we accept bitcoin?”