Former Reddit Cryptocurrency Engineer Explains How His

Reddit cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Exchanges / September 28, 2022

Reddit has reportedly put its plans to issue its own cryptocurrency, called Reddit Notes, on hold. First announced late last year, Reddit Notes were intended to be a way for the social news aggregator to give 10 percent of a recent funding round — some $5 million — to Reddit's users. But Alexis Ohanian, Reddit's executive chairman, said today that the company's research told it to "wait until the law and technology around cryptocurrency are further along before deciding exactly how" to issue Reddit Notes.

The cryptocurrency was floated as an idea after a successful round of capital funding, which saw the company draw $50 million from investors such as Marc Andreesen. Reddit asked for suggestions for ways to give a chunk of that money back to its community in September. By December, it had made plans to create a cryptocurrency named Reddit Notes, and hired an engineer for the project. Reddit announced that it would give 950, 000 Reddit Notes to users in a lottery, based on their activities prior to the end of September 2014, by the fall of 2015.

The company fired its lead cryptocurrency engineer, Ryan X. Charles, last week. . With Wong gone, Charles said he did not directly report to anyone inside the company.

I was just let go from reddit because cryptocurrency is not a part of reddit's near-term plans. This is unfortunate, but understandable.

— Ryan X. Charles (@ryanxcharles)

On Twitter, Charles stated that he was let go because "cryptocurrency is not a part of reddit's near-term plans." He characterized the new leadership as that he believed the construction of Reddit's cryptofinancial system "is not going to happen for a long time." Lending credence to Charles' comments, Reddit has also removed all open cryptocurrency engineer roles from its job board. Ohanian declined to comment to The Verge directly, but maintained in his Y Combinator post that the company will eventually issue the cryptocurrency. The executive chairman stated that Reddit wanted to give its community "the full value of the equity when they receive it in the future, " but was also careful to note that the company had been "unable to do that with current cryptocurrency regulations."

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