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Top 10 Bitcoin pools

Bitcoin Exchanges / November 27, 2014

With the bitcoin scalability situation remaining a pressing issue, it is up to the developers to come up with an answer. Segregated Witness is touted as one of the possible solutions, albeit it requires a majority of the network’s miners to support it before getting activated. Below is a brief overview of some of the world’s top bitcoin mining pools signalling for SegWit activation right now.

6. Bitcoin India

While most people may know Bitcoin India as a cryptocurrency exchange, the company is also running an official mining pool. Albeit this mining pool is very small compared to some of the others on the network, it is good to see India’s exchanges weigh on on the scalability debate. Moreover, to reach the necessary support before SegWit can activate on the network, every little bit helps.

5. CKPool

CKPool is another bitcoin mining pool that has been around for quite some time. There are two different pools operated by the team, one of which is used for solo mining. Both “entities” support SegWit signalling as we speak. The normal mining pools controls 1.2% of the network, whereas the solo pool represents 0.3%. Once again, small percentages will add up in the long run.

4. BitClub

The BitClub mining pool is well-known among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. It controls 2.3% of the total network hashrate, yet that is not enough to be considered as one of the top 10 bitcoin mining pools. However, that 2.3% can help push SegWit activation over the required majority threshold in the end. BitClub has always been loyal to Bitcoin Core and that situation will not change anytime soon, by the look of things.

3. SlushPool

One of the oldest bitcoin mining pools in the world goes by the name SlushPool. Albeit it “only” represents 65% of the total bitcoin network hashrate, Slushpool is an invaluable asset for SegWit supporters. Slush was also one of the very first mining pools to acknowledge the world start signaling SegWit and the code was implemented promptly. Many people see this pool’s support as vital to the potential activation of SegWit.