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Bitcoin Donation Widget

Bitcoin Exchanges / June 12, 2020

This plugin is simply an easy way to display a bitcoin donation QR code in a widget on your site.


  1. Set donation amount in bitcoin
  2. Set widget title
  3. Set message above QR code
  4. Set message below QR code
  5. Make QR clickable
  6. Add clickable link below QR

See screenshots for setup and samples.


  • Admin widget options page
  • Widget displayed on the frontend


Do I need my own bitcoin address to make this work?

Yes, how else would you expect to receive donations?

Where can I get a bitcoin donation address?

If you don’t have a wallet, check out the wallets here be sure to click “See all wallets”.

Can style the text output?

Yes, the classnames are self explanatory:

Can I use multiple donation widgets?

Yes, each one can have it’s own donation address too!