Want to make money off Bitcoin mining? Hint: Don t mine

Making money off Bitcoin

Bitcoin Exchanges / February 28, 2021

You first have to understand the philosophy behind bitcoin.

Bitcoin was anonymous-Esque hackers meet financial engineers.

The global financial system experienced a meltown in 2008. In order to prevent the economy from Armageddon, the U.S. Government decided to reduce interest rates to zero and print new money in order to spur economic growth,

As the supply of money grows and grows, it becomes less valuable. Supply and demand. The more money that the government prints, the less valuable it becomes.

A group of people became very upset that the value of their earnings could so easily be dictated by a central bank and government policy.

Bitcoin was created to provide access to a currency with no traditional monetary policy. Since there was no central bank that could cd along and print more Bitcoin, it became extremely popular.

For this reason, Bitcoin can act as an inflation hedge. When people anticipate inflation, or experience uncertainty in their own currency, the value of Bitcoin tends to rise.

Source: www.quora.com