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Bitcoin Exchanges / November 21, 2021

bitcoin business meetingBitcoin merchant acceptance startup Stripe has placed fourth in the first-ever Forbes Cloud 100, signifying a new level of mainstream acknowledgment of crypto-based disruptors.

Forbes: Cloud Creating ‘Billion-Dollar Categories, ’ Stripe Part of the Wave

Forbes previously described Stripe, which beat names such as Adyen and MailChimp to the top 5, as “the company that has changed online payment.”

The Cloud 100 listing is a first for Forbes and consists of startups active in the cloud computing sphere. Hundreds of entries were whittled down, with the final shortlist being chosen by a panel of 27 judges. These mostly consisted of CEOs, Forbes said, “who selected and ranked the list based on a combination of quantitative financial health scores and qualitative factors.”

“From messaging to security and accounting to construction, cloud computing is transforming how companies do business and leaving new billion-dollar categories in its wake, ” Forbes wrote announcing the winners.

Companies such as security firm Cylance also made the list, representing businesses dealing with the blockchain and cryptocurrency within the realm of cybersecurity. In short, to deal with the Cloud is to deal with the major digital disruptors of the present era.

stripeRankings Praise ‘Exceptional Factors’

While Stripe itself has yet to release a response to its achievement, Forbes has been keen on championing it for some time.

“When you think about the sum total of the cornucopia of services, businesses, websites, apps that have become possible over the last 20 years and what remains to be built over the coming decades, the value thus far is enormous, it’s transformative, ” CEO Patrick Collinson told the publication in an interview last year. “We see Stripe as a fundamental component in enabling and accelerating that.”

Forbes meanwhile explained the methodology behind its selection of the 100 finalists and the important industry shifts it intends to highlight:

“[T]he Cloud 100 recognizes cloud companies for the financial health and growth of their business alongside exceptional qualitative factors such as unprecedented customer adoption and satisfaction.”

The listing is expected to be a permanent annual feature from 2016, with the inaugural effort a collaboration with Bessemer Venture Partners and Salesforce Ventures.

Sponsors included Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan and Morgan Stanley.

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Images courtesy of Shutterstock, Stripe.

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