China and bitcoin s 2017 price: A Beijing intervention could halt

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Bitcoin Exchanges / September 20, 2022

Needmoney90 wrote:I had no account here, just made it. Shoot me a PM with your email here, or to the same username on Reddit, and I'll get you on our Slack.

Thanks for joining the forum here!
I'll see if I can make some time for Slack in the near future.

Since this is a price speculation thread, here are my thoughts at 2AM on a Monday morning in Tokyo.

From what I have read so far, Monero has MUCH better privacy than Bitcoin at the moment, and its scalability is comparable to Bitcoin's.
At the very least Monero has much much more room to grow before it starts bumping into any scaling issues. (Bitcoin has already hit its scaling limit for the moment with the current dev team. Not for technical reasons, but for social ones)

Anyhow, as I write this, the market cap is about $100M USD, but there is very little real business being done in Monero yet, so nearly all of that value is speculation. (My own included)
Supposedly next month some Dark Net markets will start using Monero.
The new Exodus GUI wallet is coming out soon. already supports Monero.
I suspect that the more traction Shapeshift gets, the more traction Monero will get along with it.

A $500M to $1B USD market cap for Monero in the next few months doesn't seem unreasonable with these things going on.
Price increases will drive further development of services using Monero, that will lead to further price increases.
It will be a self fulfilling cycle until we bump up against scaling issues.

So my wild guess: $500M to $1B USD market cap by the end of the year, even with very few actual use cases at the moment.

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